Adding a Queue Service

The Queue service provides the ability to perform background processing without having to manage your own queue servers. It works great for serverless implementations that need to offload short-lived processes to prevent slow-running transactions for the client application.

Use the queue service to notify your target URL to perform tasks such as:

  • Sending emails
  • Sending SMS messages
  • Notifying another system, such as Sentry, Salesforce, etc. about an interesting event

To create a Queue service instance perform the following steps:

  • Select the appropriate hyper application to open the application page.
  • Select the Queue tab.
  • If you have not reached your limit of service instances, you will see an + Add queue service tile. Click to open the add form:
Document image
  • The Add Queue Service add form will appear. Provide the service name, a target URL to your servce that you wish to notify, and a secret. Click the Save button to create the queue service instance:

The secret is important!

A hyper queue can sign the job it sends to your queue's target URL by including a signature in each job'sย X-HYPER-SIGNATUREย header. This allows the worker to verify that the job was sent by its corresponding hyper queue, not by a third party, and is unaltered. A hyper queue will generate an X-HYPER-SIGNATURE, if and only if you provide a secret when creating the queue. See Queue API

Add Queue Service screen
Add Queue Service screen
  • Once the queue service instance has been created, it will be displayed within the Queue tab.