API Reference (hyper cloud)

API Reference to hyper cloud services, each service contains a REST API that gives you access to services wrapped in adapters. Aleternatively, you can use hyper connect.

ο»ΏData API

A hyper Data service is a document data store for storing JSON documents. Query, add, update, and delete documents. You can also create indexes to improve query performance.

ο»ΏCache APIο»Ώ

A hyper Cache service is a powerful key-value store, where the key is a unique string and the value is a JSON document. This service keeps caching simple giving you a pattern matcher query to return a filtered set of values, or you can retrieve directly by key.

ο»ΏSearch APIο»Ώ

A hyper Search service is a powerful search index. Index JSON documents by adding them to your Search service. Then query to perform a full text search.

ο»ΏStorage API

A hyper Storage service is a powerful object storage bucket that can be used to interact with unstructured data like images, videos, and files. Upload, download and remove files.

ο»ΏQueue API

A hyper Queue service is a powerful queue that gives your application the ability to distribute functionality across processes by dispatching a task to a worker endpoint. It is great for event driven, serverless, or asynchronous tasks.

Create a queue and provide a worker endpoint to send your jobs to, for processing, and then start enqueuing jobs. hyper queue then sends these jobs to your worker url

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Updated 24 Mar 2022
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