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Selecting a hyper app from the Applications page will display the application page and a series of tabs. The Keys tab contains your hyper app's key pairs.

To access resources housed within the hyper cloud you must create a hyper application and at least one set of app keys.

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A Key, Secret, and Connection String are created for you when you create a hyper application.

An app key consists of a Key, Secret, and associated Connection String. An app key allows hyper to uniquely identify your app. Your client app will need an app key when negotiating access to the resources protected by hyper cloud.

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hyper cloud is essentially a scalable, backend cloud-based service to store and retrieve resources such as data, files, cached data, etc. No dev-ops required. hyper cloud stores and protects data that your client app needs permission to access. hyper also authorizes requests for these protected resources. For example, your client app may need access to hyper's backend cloud-based storage service to store and retrieve files that it uses to perform its work. The authorization occurs between your client app and hyper cloud.

Server-side access to hyper resources

Your client app that accesses hyper resources should run on the server rather than locally on the user's laptop or device.

Once a hyper application is created, a developer can use the Key, Secret, and Connection String to secure access to the hyper application and any associated application services such as Data, Storage, Cache, Queue, and Search. At any time, you can disable or delete an app's keys, preventing an app developer from accessing the applications services referenced by the hyper app.

Connection String

A hyper cloud connection string consists of a key, secret, hyper cloud server, and hyper app name.

cloud://<key>:<secret>@cloud.hyper.io/<hyper application name>

The connection string provides the information necessary to successfully connect your client app to your hyper cloud application and services.

ο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώhyper connect

With hyper-connect you can easily access all of your hyper cloud application services using a hyper application's connection string. hyper-connect is available as an npm or deno module.

Viewing the Secret and Connection String

To view the secret, locate the appropriate app key and click the eye icon next to the Secret.

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Copying the Key, Secret, and Connection String

Use the copy button to copy the key, secret, or connections string to your clipboard. The real secret will be copied even if it is redacted in the user interface.

Copying app key info
Copying app key info

Creating an App Key

Multiple app keys allow you to swap out keys or allow two separate client apps to use the same set of hyper application resources.

To create an app key, select the Add app key button below the list of app keys:

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Disabling or Deleting an App Key

You may wish to revoke access to your hyper application by either disabling or deleting an app key. Once disabled or deleted, a client app cannot use the specific app key to access the hyper app or its related services and data. You can enable a disabled app key at any time.

To disable or delete an app key:

  • Click the verticle ellipsis (three dots) menu button to the right of the app key.
  • Select Disable to temporarily suspend access to any client app using that specific app key.
  • Select Delete to permanently delete the app key and prevent access to any client app using that specific app key.
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Enabling an App Key

  • Click the verticle ellipsis (three dots) menu button to the right of a disabled app key.
  • Select Enable to allow access to any client app using that specific app key.
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Updated 24 Mar 2022
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