hyper cloud URLs follow this pattern:




Developer Preview

Rate Limits

The hyper cloud API is shared across all clients at a rate limit of 10000 requests per second. hyper cloud can handle bursts of API traffic up to 5000 requests per millisecond.

Exceeding the maximum number of requests will return aย 429 Too Many Requestsย error response.

To help understand these rate limits, here are a few examples. Given a burst limit of 5000 and a rate limit of 1000 requests per second:

  • If a caller submits 10,000 requests in a one-second period evenly (for example, 10 requests every millisecond), hyper cloud processes all requests without dropping any.
  • If the caller sends 10,000 requests in the first millisecond, hyper cloud serves 5,000 of those requests and throttles the rest in the one-second period.
  • If the caller submits 5,000 requests in the first millisecond and then evenly spreads another 5,000 requests through the remaining 999 milliseconds (for example, about 5 requests every millisecond), hyper cloud processes all 10,000 requests in the one-second period without returning 429 Too Many Requests error responses.


hyper cloud quota policy is used to enforce subscription service levels rather than operational traffic management. Quota and service levels are TBD. For operational traffic management enforcement levels, see Rate Limits.

Request Payload Limit

Data Service

When creating or updating a document within the Data service, the request payload size limit for the Data service is 5MB. When submitting bulk documents, the request payload size limit isย 10MB.

Cache Service

When creating or updating the cache, the document size limit isย 10MB.