Data API

A hyper Data service is a document data store for storing and retrieving structured JSON documents. Query, add, update, and delete documents. You can also create indexes to improve query performance

Document Database Design

Document Database Design is a different mindset from relational database design. In order to design a document database, you need to think about how the application is going to use the data and model your data in terms of data access, not data tables. Learn more.


  • Create, Remove, Update, and Delete Documents
  • Query Documents
  • List Documents
  • Index Documents

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REST API Commands

Database Command

  • Run a Query
    • Query Selectors
  • Create an Index
  • List Documents
  • Bulk Documents

Document Commands

  • Create a Document
  • Retrieve a Document By Id
  • Update a Document
  • Delete a Document

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Updated 24 Mar 2022
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