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In Development

The hyper service is currently under development


Welcome to hyper πŸ‘‹πŸ» you are going to love our service. - Jump to hyper.ioο»Ώ

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What is hyper?

hyper is a service framework, a service framework is a collection of core application services wrapped in a common API. Instead of tightly connecting your application business logic to the cloud services your app depends on, hyper enables you to loosely couple these cloud services giving your application clear separation and future extensibility and scalability. hyper takes a different approach than the legacy service management architectures. This approach improves maintainability and drastically decreases unintended technical debt.




Why hyper?

To eliminate unintended technical debt! For more information on what unintended technical debt is and why hyper was built go here: https://blog.hyper.io/why-start-hyper/ο»Ώ

What types of applications use hyper?

  • SaaS-based applications with web or mobile frontend are a great fit for hyper
  • Rules-based applications that match a request with interested suppliers
  • Conversational bot and unstructured search-based applications

How do I get started with hyper?

In order to get started with the free version of the hyper cloud service, you will need a Github account. Its free, https://github.comο»Ώ

Once you have your Github account, you will want to create a new hyper developer account, you can go to https://dashboard.hyper.io to create your new hyper account. Then head to Getting started and kick the tires. πŸš™

API Reference

Already familiar with working with hyper and want to find information about a specific API endpoint head to the Reference section.


Need specific help? You can always reach out to our support team for any additional assistance at checkout our help deskο»Ώ


Updated 15 Mar 2022
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