What are hooks?

hooks is a mechanism you can use to send the events that occur within hyper63 to an external service for review and observability. For example, if you use a centralized logging service or a data warehouse.

How do I setup hooks?


First you need to install the hooks adapter:




In the hyper63.config.js file you attach your hooks adapter to the hooks port.


With the @hyper63/adapter-hooks you provide an array of objects which represent the hooks you want to add. Each hook requires a matcher to match the events you want to capture, then a target. The target is the url that a POST method will fire sending the payload of the event, which includes the name of the port, the name of the action, the date and time the event occured and the subject who invoked the command and the identifier if available of the entity that was affected by the command.


Updated 15 Mar 2022
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