Parameters are attributes that contain values and exist as part of the REST API call either as part of the path URL or part of the query string.

Path Parameters

The path URL is what makes up your URL, for example, https://play.hyper63.com/data/{name} is a URL where /data/{name} is the path and {name} is a parameter in the path, which means you would replace it with some value. If we wanted to replace the {name} parameter with the value of default then our URL would look like this: https://play.hyper63.com/data/default

Query String Parameters

In a URL you have the path and then you have the query string these are separated by a?

On the left side of the ? is the path and on the right side of the ? is the query string. The query string is made up of key, value pairs connected with a = sign. These pairs are known as query parameters, where the key or left side of the text is the parameter name and the right side of the text is the parameter value. For example, let's say this commend requires a query parameter called confirm and this query parameter can either be true or false for the given path /data/default. With this case, you would create the following URL:


Another thing to note, if you have several query parameters, they are connected together by an &, in this example we are listing documents that use the start and end query parameter:

/data/default?start=movie&end=movie/0xfff - this will get all of the documents that ids start with movie and end with movie/0xfff.



Updated 02 Nov 2021
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