API Reference to hyper services, each service contains a REST API that gives you access services wrapped in adapters.

๏ปฟData API

The Data Service allows you to manage structured data in the form of JSON documents, you can create, update, read, and delete JSON documents, as well as query documents.

๏ปฟCache API

The Cache Service allows you to manage key/value content, where the key is a unique string and the value is a JSON document. This service keeps caching simple giving you a pattern matcher query to return a filtered set of values.

๏ปฟSearch API

The Search Service gives your application the ability to perform full-text searches against a search index. This service wraps around popular search engines like elastic-search.

๏ปฟStorage AP๏ปฟ

The Storage Service gives your application the ability to store unstructured data like images, videos, and files into a service like S3.

๏ปฟQueue API

The Queue Server gives your application the ability to distribute functionality across processes by dispatching a task to a worker endpoint. This service works great for serverless applications that need to perform background tasks.

๏ปฟCrawler API

The Crawler Service is a service that will run a js script against every web page that is linked to a given website. This results in a process that iterated a tree-like structure of a given website based on links.


Updated 15 Mar 2022
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