Search API

A hyper Search service is a powerful search index.

Index JSON documents by adding them to your search service. Then query with text criteria to perform a full text search. The Search engine sits right next to your data, storage, and cache for a highly composable integration.


  • Query Command - using a simple query text and optional filter, you have a fully-featured search at your disposal.
  • Bulk Document Indexing - create indexes using an array of documents to reduce round trips and quickly initialize your search engine.

REST API Commands

  • ο»ΏAdd document to search index ο»Ώ
  • ο»ΏSearch Index
  • ο»ΏGet Search Documentο»Ώ
  • ο»ΏRemove Search Documentο»Ώ
  • ο»ΏBulk Documents

Use Cases

  • Full-Text Search
  • Type ahead-searching

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