User Account Settings

View your personal user account settings by selecting your account name from the user menu followed by clicking Account Settings:

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The Account Settings page allows you to view your GitHub profile details, upgrade your account, or even delete your account .

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Team Settings

View a team's settings by selecting a team from the user menu followed by clicking on Team Settings:

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Updating Your Team's Profile

The Team Settings page allows any member of your team to update the team email address, team name, or Team Avatar Color.

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Managing Team Members

Once a user has signed up for a free hyper account, you can add them as a team member. You may change a team member's role or remove a team member from a team.

Only existing hyper users can be added to a team

A user must be signed up with a hyper account before being assigned to one of your teams.

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Adding a team member

Adding a team member is as easy as typing in an existing hyper cloud user's name in the Github Account Name input box. If an existing hyper user is found, their name will display in the search results. Select their name to add them to the team:

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Updated 01 Feb 2022
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