Introduction to hyper cloud

These are the docs for hyper cloud and the hyper cloud developer dashboard. Looking for the on-prem, self-hosted hyper docs? Click here.

Developer Preview

hyper cloud is in developer preview. Stay tuned as we release additional services. Sign up for a free dashboard hyper cloud account.

Welcome to the hyper cloud and the developer dashboard πŸ‘‹πŸ» . You are going to love our service.

No more dev-ops

hyper cloud is a scalable, backend cloud-based service to store and retrieve resources such as data, files, cached data, etc. No dev-ops required.


Why hyper?

To eliminate unintended technical debt! For more information on what unintended technical debt is and why hyper was built go here:ο»Ώ

What types of applications use hyper?

  • SaaS-based applications with web or mobile frontend are a great fit for hyper.
  • Rules-based applications that match a request with interested suppliers
  • Conversational bot and unstructured search-based applications

How do I get started with hyper?

Once you have a Github account, you can sign into the hyper cloud developer dashboard, create a hyper app and get an app key. Then head to the Getting Started Workshops and kick the tires. πŸš™

API Reference

Already familiar with working with hyper and want to find information about a specific API endpoint head to the API Reference section.

Need Help?

You can always reach out to our support team for any additional assistance on slack.