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Hosting a hyper Server โ€‹

hyper runs on Deno, so in order to host a hyper Server you will need the Deno runtime.

Besides that, hosting a hyper Server is simple with a tool like Docker. For example:

FROM denoland/deno:alpine


# Prefer not to run as root.
USER deno

COPY mod.ts .
RUN deno cache mod.ts

ADD . .

CMD ["run", "-A", "mod.ts"]
// hyper Core
import hyper from "";

// hyper App
import express from "";

// hyper Adapters
import mongodb from "";
import redis from "";
import minio from "";

// Programmatically start hyper
  app: express,
  adapters: [
    { port: "data", plugins: [mongodb({ url: Deno.env.get("MONGO_URL") })] },
    { port: "cache", plugins: [redis({ url: Deno.env.get("REDIS_URL") })] },
    // ... any other adapters

That's it! You can deploy that image to any containerization environment.